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Though all the adventures in this novel are fictitious, they are based on well documented events that have occurred in the Arctic. A freak blizzard that lasts almost a week. A catastrophic flood that destroys half a coastal town. An explosive ice sheet that moves as fast as a man can run. A polar bear half starved by bizarre weather and sea ice patterns. Whole hillsides torn open by melting permafrost. A huge frozen catacomb carved deep underground. A shaman who strides easily in and out of dreams. All these threads are woven into the novel from the real-life stories and experiences of Arctic people.

“From Iqaluit to Vancouver, major environmental issues, particularly involving large, charismatic animals like polar bears, are important to young people. Most share a deep fascination with Canada’s huge and mysterious wilderness areas, the arctic being the biggest and wildest of them all. This story is intended to feed young people’s hunger for outdoor adventure while helping them come to terms with environmental uncertainties that touch their lives,” tells Bastedo.

On Thin Ice is the story of a gifted northern youth struggling to find her true home in a fast-changing Arctic where culture, climate and environment seem to be crumbling all around her.